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A Brief History of the Weighted Blanket

Weighted blanket have been worldwide known because people from all over the world receive and welcome it with open arms. This type of blanket is mostly known for those who are feeling or having worry issues, sleep problems, too much worry, and other mental issues.

A weighted blanket was first making for children and people with special needs and cautions. In the previous years, the ones who know well about these blankets are only those persons who deal and take care of the ones with autism, mental problems, physical processing issues, and hyperactivity complaints. Nonetheless, due to the powerful effect of the internet, weighted blankets are gradually present public.

When a lightweight summer blanket was first create? Based on the expert historians and some assets, the weighted blanket has been used in the first 1970s. The main aims of creating weighted blankets are for healing and analyst purposes.

The therapists use this kind of blanket to treat their patients. The main knowledge of how this blanket came into being was that the doctor saw a great development and relaxing effect on patients every time weight objects were being practical.

The came to the decision that a deep touch force could really calm the nervous system. Shortly, wearing a weighted blanket rouses the increase of serotype and dopamine production.

A weighted blanket was main used by caretakers and family members who had children with superior needs. Mostly, in order to type an extra weight, they used rice, beans, stones, corn seeds, and etc. It worked well and successfully. Nevertheless, they faced a serious problem.

Those organic materials used to give additional weight would definitely be terrible and destroyed when they washed the blankets. Then, they happen to use stones to give extra weights. Unluckily, it did not work well as it was likely.

Yes, it is true that stones are stronger than organic materials. However, the main problem placed on the sharp edges of the stones which could harm and tear the fabric easily. These trial and error tests did not give the chosen results.

In order to make an ac blanket double bed work sufficiently, the forces made must be distributed levelly. The first-made blanket was good but its weight wasn’t stable due to the gravity. Later on, they used larger blanket shells as filling resources.

Unfortunately, this blanket was too weighty for regular users and it couldn’t suitable to the human body. They then settled a new and better policy by adding fills in the quilted places along with the blankets. They constant using organic material until someone presented the best filling materials namely artificial materials like poly pellets and glass beads.

A weighted blanket filled with artificial materials really helps people sleep happily. It really does suitable to the body. Synthetic materials are more strong and high-quality and easy to be kept.

As time goes on, the strategy of a weighted blanket also changes. The creative designer and manufacturer constantly put all their knowledge, inspiration, skills, and talents to progress the quality of weighted blankets.



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